UEFA Euro 2024 Qualified Teams

The UEFA Euro 2024 is set to be an exciting event in the world of football, showcasing Europe’s finest teams. This prestigious tournament, with a rich history and high competitive spirit, attracts fans globally. Here, we delve into the teams that have earned their spot in this grand event, exploring their journey to qualification and past performances.

Teams Qualified for UEFA Euro 2024 Cup

1Germany: The HostsGermany’s role as host; Germany’s Euro history
2Belgium: Group F Top TwoBelgium’s journey to qualification; Belgium’s Euro history
3France: Group B WinnerFrance’s path to qualification; France’s Euro history
4Portugal: Group J WinnerPortugal’s qualification journey; Portugal’s Euro history
5Spain: Group A Top TwoSpain’s road to qualification; Spain’s Euro history
6Scotland: Group A Top TwoScotland’s qualification story; Scotland’s Euro history
7Turkey: Group D Top TwoTurkey’s path to Euro 2024; Turkey’s Euro history
8Austria: Group F Top TwoAustria’s qualification journey; Austria’s Euro history
9England: Group C WinnerEngland’s road to qualification; England’s Euro history
10Hungary: Group G Top TwoHungary’s journey to Euro 2024; Hungary’s Euro history
11Slovakia: Group J Runner-UpSlovakia’s path to qualification; Slovakia’s Euro history

Germany: The Hosts As the host nation, Germany automatically qualified for Euro 2024. With a storied history in the tournament, including three championship wins, Germany is always a team to watch. Their experience and home-ground advantage make them formidable opponents.

Belgium: Group F Top Two Belgium, having qualified as one of the top two in Group F, has been a consistent performer in recent Euros. With a golden generation of players, Belgium looks to improve upon their past performances and make a significant impact.

France: Group B Winner France, the winners of Group B, boasts an impressive Euro history, including two championships. With a squad brimming with talent, France is one of the favorites and is expected to display a high level of football.

Portugal: Group J Winner Portugal, having topped Group J, is a team known for its flair and skill. As the 2016 Euro champions, they have a reputation to uphold and are a side that can never be underestimated.

Spain: Group A Top Two Spain, one of the top two teams in Group A, has a rich Euro history, including three championships. Known for their tiki-taka style of play, Spain is always a delight to watch and a serious contender.

Scotland: Group A Top Two Scotland’s qualification, marking their fourth appearance, is a testament to their growing prowess in European football. They will be eager to make a mark and progress beyond the group stages.

Turkey: Group D Top Two Turkey, qualifying as one of the top two in Group D, has shown they can be a surprise package in major tournaments. With a mix of experienced and young players, they could be the dark horses of Euro 2024.

Austria: Group F Top Two Austria, another top team from Group F, has been steadily making its presence felt in European football. This will be their fourth Euro appearance, and they aim to go further than ever before.

England: Group C Winner England, topping Group C, comes into Euro 2024 with high expectations. With a young and talented squad, England will be looking to end their long wait for a major international trophy.

Hungary: Group G Top Two Hungary’s qualification marks their fifth Euro appearance. Known for their spirited performances, they will be aiming to cause a few upsets and progress deep into the tournament.

Slovakia: Group J Runner-Up Slovakia, the runner-up in Group J, has shown they can compete with Europe’s best. Their second consecutive Euro appearance indicates their growing stature in European football.


Euro 2024 promises to be a tournament filled with excitement, drama, and top-quality football. With a blend of established powerhouses and emerging talents, the stage is set for a memorable event. Fans worldwide are eagerly anticipating what promises to be a showcase of the very best in European football.