UEFA EURO 2024 Group A Schedule and Fixtures – Germany, Scotland, Hungary, Switzerland

Get the latest updates on the UEFA EURO 2024 Group A Schedule and Fixtures featuring Germany, Scotland, Hungary, and Switzerland. Stay informed about match dates, locations, and key matchups.

Welcome to the ultimate guide to the UEFA EURO 2024 Group A Schedule and Fixtures, where football fans across the globe can find all the essential information about this exciting tournament. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the match details, locations, and everything you need to know about Group A, featuring Germany, Scotland, Hungary, and Switzerland.

UEFA EURO 2024 Group A Schedule and Fixtures

Group A Overview

In this section, we’ll provide a brief overview of Group A, highlighting the participating teams and the excitement they bring to the tournament.

Group A Teams

  • Germany
  • Scotland
  • Hungary
  • Switzerland

Group A Fixtures

Now, let’s dive into the heart of the matter – the Group A fixtures. Mark these dates on your calendar to catch all the action!

14/06/2024Germany vs ScotlandMunich21:00
15/06/2024Hungary vs SwitzerlandCologne15:00
19/06/2024Germany vs HungaryStuttgart18:00
19/06/2024Scotland vs SwitzerlandCologne21:00
23/06/2024Switzerland vs GermanyFrankfurt21:00
23/06/2024Scotland vs HungaryStuttgart21:00

Germany’s Quest for Glory

A Strong Start (14/06/2024)

As the tournament kicks off, Germany faces Scotland in Munich. The excitement is palpable as fans eagerly await the clash between these two football giants.

Germany vs. Scotland: A Battle of Titans

Germany and Scotland have a rich history of football rivalry. This match promises to be a thrilling encounter, with both teams eager to secure an early victory.

Germany vs. Hungary (19/06/2024)

The action continues as Germany takes on Hungary in Stuttgart. It’s a crucial match for both teams as they aim to make their mark in the group stage.

Germany vs. Hungary: A Test of Skill and Strategy

This match will test the tactical prowess of both teams. Will Germany maintain their dominance, or will Hungary spring a surprise?

Scotland’s Determination

Scotland vs. Switzerland (19/06/2024)

Scotland faces Switzerland in Cologne. This match is a chance for Scotland to showcase their skills on the European stage.

Scotland vs. Switzerland: Highland Spirit vs. Swiss Precision

The clash between Scotland’s passionate fans and Switzerland’s disciplined play promises a fantastic spectacle.

Scotland vs. Hungary (23/06/2024)

In another crucial encounter, Scotland meets Hungary in Stuttgart. The outcome of this match could determine Scotland’s fate in the tournament.

Scotland vs. Hungary: A Battle for Survival

Both teams will give their all to secure a spot in the knockout stage. Expect intense action and a passionate display of football.

Hungary’s Aspirations

Hungary vs. Switzerland (15/06/2024)

Hungary kicks off its campaign against Switzerland in Cologne. It’s a chance for Hungary to prove they belong among Europe’s elite.

Hungary vs. Switzerland: A Test of Tenacity

Watch out for the determination of Hungary’s players as they take on the skilled Swiss team.

Switzerland’s Precision

Switzerland vs. Germany (23/06/2024)

Switzerland faces a formidable opponent in Germany in Frankfurt. Can Switzerland pull off an upset and make a statement?

Switzerland vs. Germany: Precision vs. Power

This match showcases Switzerland’s precision against Germany’s power-packed performance. It’s a clash of contrasting styles.

The full schedule for UEFA Euro Cup 2024 is already out now.


In conclusion, the UEFA EURO 2024 Group A Schedule and Fixtures featuring Germany, Scotland, Hungary, and Switzerland promise an unforgettable football experience. Mark your calendars, tune in, and witness the drama unfold as these teams battle for supremacy on the European stage. Stay updated with the latest news and enjoy the beautiful game!